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Do you need a quick and easy way to review and assess reading standards while learning about the Super Bowl? This resource comes with TWO fun and engaging reading comprehension activities that target specific reading skills and are perfect for quick reading review or assessments.


This reading review packet comes in a printable format. The reading comprehension worksheets are perfect to use as a quick review or assessment of reading skills, for a no prep lesson or in an easy supply teacher plan.


Included in this download:

This reading review packet comes with 2 readings - one original fictional story and one nonfiction reading on the "History of the Super Bowl" with multiple activities for both readings.


Skills included:


  • Figurative Language
  • Inferencing and Drawing Conclusions
  • Analyzing Events and Ideas
  • Context Clues
  • Summarizing main ideas
  • Making Connections
  • All Answer Keys


These activities are perfect for:

  • review of reading skills
  • reading assessments
  • independent desk work
  • literacy centers
  • early finishers
  • homework
  • sub plans, and so much more!


Color by Code Self-checking with Immediate Feedback!

Questions are in a multiple-choice format and students have the opportunity to complete the color-by-code mystery picture included with two activities. Students use the color next to each answer choice they chose to color the grid. They locate the number of the problem on the mystery picture. Then, they color the square to match the color beside the answer choice they circled. When students color the mystery picture, they’ll know AND you’ll know if they answered all of the questions correctly.

Lunar New Year Reading Comprehension Passages and Activities

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