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Meet Laura

Upper Elementary Teacher and TPT Author

   I am Laura Tugby, the Owner and Founder of Motivating Minds in Upper Elementary. As a busy classroom teacher, I assist other Upper Elementary teachers in planning and simplifying their workloads.

   I have been teaching at the elementary level for more than 15 years, primarily in grades 4, 5 and 6. I was always dedicated to my students, often being the last to leave, with my nights and weekends filled with schoolwork.

   My passion for creating lessons that promote critical thinking led me to leadership roles within my school and professional development sessions, where I helped teachers map their instruction, plan engaging lessons and implement purposeful use of technology. Despite my love for this work, I eventually became overwhelmed and realized I needed a change.

   However, I didn't want the change to be just for myself. I aimed to create solutions that would lighten the load for overwhelmed teachers everywhere and provide quality, research-based teaching materials.

Thus, I transformed my passion into a business that empowers others.

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