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Meet Laura

Upper Elementary Teacher and TPT Author

   Hi! My name is Laura. I am an upper elementary teacher from Mississauga, ON with experience in grades 5 - 8. I am Google Certified, have a specialist in Mathematics and I’m a dog mom :) 

   I am a NEW! grade 4 teacher in a K - 8 school. I am passionate about creating a classroom that promotes high student expectations with a student driven culture where all are encouraged to and feel comfortable asking tough questions. 

   Recently, I started creating resources that would work in my diverse classroom. Each year, there is a broad range of learning levels in my class. It was a struggle to get some students to even try but I knew if I could engage them, they could all be successful! 

   My goal is to help you save time with low prep, engaging activities that challenge your students and get them excited about learning too! As teachers, we have so much going on and if I can help make your day a little bit easier, we all benefit! 

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