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This digital activity will make traveling the world and exploring new places ENGAGING and FUN!


This digital resource uses Google Slides™, Google Forms™ and Google Earth™ can be used on Google Classroom and Google Drive. This resource also includes an answer key.



-3 page reading and reading comprehension

-1 page labeling diagram of the Earth (e.g., longitude, latitude, Equator, Prime Meridian)

-Classroom posters and one page "cheat sheet" with keyboard shortcuts

-Google Earth Scavenger Hunt and Google skills practice activity



- Students practice highlighting text to cut and paste longitude and latitude coordinates from Google Slides digital workbook into Google Earth

- Google Earth locates the coordinates on the Earth

- Students explore the location using Street View to determine where they are

- Students practice taking a screenshot to their location to copy and paste into the Google Slide digital workbook

- Students click the "Easy" button to open Google Forms

- In the Google Form, students type the name of the city they traveled to and earn a letter clue if they are successful

- After students collect ten letters, they will unscramble the letters to solve a related joke


This is a great resource for any time of year! 

Use it as:
-beginning of year review or introduction to Google Slides and Forms

-Earth Day fun!
-digital center

-geography lesson

-early finisher task


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Google Earth Digital Scavenger Hunt

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