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If your students love a good puzzle that engages their attention while reviewing various math skills, this "Whodunnit?!" problem is perfect for your class!


None of my Whodunnit puzzles involve a violent crime. The scenario for "Mystery at the Match" is:

It’s the Toronto Football Club championships, and all the best teams in the league are coming together to determine the winner of the Tournament Trophy. The reigning champions, The Toronto Tornadoes, are back to defend their title, but they have some stiff competition. Before the championship matches begin though, the ultimate prize, the Tournament Trophy, is missing!! Who took it? Why?


Students must answer 8 problems that focus on place value up to the millions and thousandths place.




Print Option:

- The first version has all suspect names included

- A second option allows your to write or type in your own student names to increase engagement and classroom community

- Student Answer Worksheet

- Detailed teacher instructions

- Answer Key


Digital Option with Two Versions:

- Links provided to access this activity digitally: make a copy of the digital puzzle to easily share with students.

- Google Slides for students to keep track of clues.

- Links to TWO Google Forms for students to self-check their work - clues will not be provided until students correctly answer the questions


One Google Form offers possible answers to help guide students.

The second Google Form does not offer any answer suggestions.


This is a great activity for multi-grade classrooms, supply plans, skill practice or math center for individual practice or group activity!


See what other teachers are saying:


Teaching Naturally wrote: "My students enjoyed this activity. This was a good activity for them to problem solve. Thank you!"


I hope you enjoy this activity as much as we do!





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If you have any questions, please contact me!


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Place Value Review Whodunnit Challenge

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